Brinkley Municipal Waterworks

Brinkley Municipal Waterworks serves the citizens of the city of Brinkley and wholesales water to the city of Wheatley, East Monroe County Water Users Association and United Water Association. The water supply provided comes from the Quarternary Aquifer which has the capacity to pump one million gallons of water per day. Brinkley Municipal Waterworks utilizes two 500,000 gallon water storage tanks, which are located on Highway 17 North & South Grand Street. The wastewater treatment facility, which is capable of treating 700,000 gallons of wastewater daily, is located on Albert Rusher Drive. The goal of Brinkley Municipal Waterworks is to provide a safe and dependable supply of drinking water to our community.

Rob Parkman

General Manager

Rob has been in the wastewater business for 26 years. He has served as the general manager at Brinkley for the past 10 years. Rob and his wife, Mary Lou, reside in Wynne, where he works part-time as a Cross County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Rob served 4 years as an active duty Marine. Rob’s focus at Brinkley Water is maximizing resources while providing quality service to the community.

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The city of Brinkley is located in Monroe County in the Arkansas Delta. Its population increased to 2,554 citizens in 2020.

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