Boards & Commitees

visit the central delta depot museum

The Central Delta Depot Museum & Visitor’s Center is the place to stop to hear about the vast opportunities for fun & learning in the area. Embrace this learning opportunity about  the rich history of the City of Brinkley and how the railroad brought about the settlement.

Enjoy nature at its finest

Brinkley is home to many opportunities for hunting, fishing, & enjoying beautiful natural scenery. The area is home to the endangered species, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.


marion mccollum Lake Greenlee

Lake Greenlee provides endless opportunities for fishing & boating with the peaceful beauty of the Delta surrounding. With easy access for boats, multiple fishing piers, and a good supply of bream and catfish, this hidden treasure is sure to be fun for the entire family.

Brinkley City Council

The Brinkley City Council oversees city policy to address the goals, projects, and infrastructure improvements for the city including a wide variety of areas including community growth, use of finances, and strategic planning. Council Members  Standing Left to right: Councilman Billy Waggle Ward 3, Pos. 2, Councilman Lamont Swanigan Ward 3, Pos. 1, Councilman Eddie Harvey Ward 2, Pos. 1, Councilman Michael Tucker Ward 2, Pos. 2, Councilman Wally Shaw Ward 1, Pos. 2, Councilman Darren Sloate Ward 1, Pos. 1. Sitting Mayor Billy Hankins

Advertising & Promotions Commission

Brinkley Convention Center Board

The A & P Commission oversees the planning for improvements, policies, and use of finances associated with the Brinkley Convention Center. Board Members are Eddie Harvey, Marcus Meredith, Wally Shaw, Darion Sloate, Gerelisa Swanigan, Joann Webster and C.J. Williams.

Frank Federer Memorial Airport Commission

The Frank Federer Memorial Airport brings a number of aviation businesses to the Brinkley area including air craft maintenance,  air craft parts manufacturing, a SEAT(Single Engine Air Tanker for fighting forest fires) plane business, and agricultural aircraft operation. The Commission helps develop policy to make these partnerships successful. The Commission is led by Chairman Jerry Freyermuth and comprised of Secretary and Airport Manager Terry Burnett, Karen Gifford, Fire Chief Mark Hamner, Steve Henry, P.K. Norman, and Jackie Speer.

Brinkley Water & Sewer Commission

The Brinkley Water & Sewer Commission works to develop policy and oversee use of finances in an effort to bring a safe, dependable water and waste removal system to the city of Brinkley. Commission members are Carl Frein, Tim Harvey, Damon McMillon, John Martin, Mark Medford, and Phillip K. Norman.