The city of Brinkley is located in Monroe County in the Arkansas Delta.
In addition to being the center of major transportation avenues, Brinkley is rich with agriculture, hunting and fishing. It is the city nearest the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to the protected species, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

Brinkley has been home to many notable people including Dorothy Allen, the 1st woman elected to the Arkansas Senate and Louis Jordan, jazz and rock & roll musician who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

City of brinkley mayor

Mayor Billy Hankins

233 West Cedar Street

My name is Billy Hankins mayor of Brinkley Ark. Brinkley has always been my home and I graduated from here in 1962. I will be married to the love of my life 55 years in October 2023 and we have 3 daughters 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I served 4 years on city council and starting my 3rd term as mayor January 2023. I strive being a people’s mayor to help our citizens when they have a problem. I love Brinkley and only want what is best for our town and citizens. We welcome any business to come talk to us about coming to Brinkley

Billy Hankins

How Brinkley Came To Be.

The city was first founded as a railroad settlement nick-named “Lick Skillet”. It was a prime location for railroad activity because it is a halfway point between Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee. In 1852 Little Rock and Memphis Railroad Company, under the leadership of its president, Robert C. Brinkley obtained a grant for construction of rail lines. After a hard day’s work at the railroad settlement, the railroad construction crew enjoyed supper cooked over an open fire and returned to their homes when the last skillet was licked, hence the nick-name. August 6, 1872 a petition request was granted to incorporate the settlement as the city of Brinkley.

Standing left to right: Councilman  Billy Waggle Ward 3, Pos. 2, Councilman Lamont Swanigan Ward 3,Pos. 1, Councilman Eddie Harvey Ward 2,  Pos. 1 Councilman Michael Tucker Ward 2, Pos. 2 , Councilman Wally Shaw Ward 1, Pos. 2, Councilman Darren Sloate Ward 1, Pos. 1 Sitting Mayor Billy Hankins.

City Calendar

City Council Meeting

Are held twice a month ever 1st and 3rd  Tuesday of the month starting at 6:00 pm and it’s open to the public.


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Brinkley's Criminal Justice Program

Under the direction of Joe Griffeth, Brinkley’s Criminal Justice Program benefits the city. Incarcerated persons give back to the community by helping keep the city beautiful. Duties of those participating in the program include assisting in simple maintenance projects, picking up litter and debris, and helping prepare for city projects. 

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